Exciting Careers in Biotechnology

Employment opportunities are currently exploding in the biotechnology field. As a more research-oriented branch of the biological sciences, biotechnology encompasses biochemistry, genetics, seed technology and bio-statistics. A biotechnology career involves understanding how to manipulate living cells and/or bacteria which can lead to the development of new medicines, improving energy conservation and advancements in autoimmune diseases. Career possibilities are endless in the rapidly-expanding discipline of biotechnology.


Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge field within biotechnology that involves, among many other subatomic projects, the medical utilization of microscopic elements inside the human body. Research into "nanoparticles" is in regards to subatomic particles which are capable of delivering heat, light, drugs and other beneficial substances to damaged cells. Cancer cells are one such type of cell which can be targeted by these nanoparticles, potentially to deliver chemotherapy or other medicine. Those pursuing a biotechnology career might find this a fascinating aspect of the field and become nanotechnologists.

Blame It on Your Genes

Because almost every human disease, such as certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes, can be found to have genes as the fundamental determinant of their emergence, genomics is another rapidly growing field of biotechnology. Genome-based research allows geneticists to delve into the architecture of these diseases in order to try to find preventative measures which may eventually eliminate these disorders from human health patterns. However, most medicines arising from genomics are almost a decade away from actualization, which will require many individuals pursuing a biotechnology career in the future.

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Feeding the Masses

A biotechnology career also involves researching possibilities in increasing the amount of crop yields, as well as improving livestock health and productivity. With global population expected to reach 8 billion in the next few years, feeding the people of the Earth will be a major challenge for all countries, and biotechnology is providing new ways with which to manipulate the genes within seeds so that they can produce twice as much food as previously-used seeds. In addition, environmentally beneficial farming practices are also being researched by agricultural biotechnologists.

Computers Tell a Story

Bioinformatics involves the application of computer science, statistics and algorithms in the biotechnological subfield of molecular biology. Bioinformatics is used to create and augment computational methods and theory in order to solve applied problems emerging from analyzing and manipulating biological information. This branch of biotechnology comprises the mapping and evaluating of DNA/protein sequences and creating 3-D models of these structures. Individuals in this sort of biotechnology career have to be familiar with both computer programming and the biological sciences.

Individual Research and Teamwork

As a biotechnologist, you can choose to work independently as a researcher for universities or private industries. Scientists investigating large-scale issues such as environmental or food-related will generally operate in teams and maintain contact with firms promoting certain products associated with this kind of research. Pharmaceutical and agricultural companies frequently employ many biotechnicians. A biotechnology career in any area will give entr?e to an exciting and challenging field of work that has tremendous growth potential, one which could hold the answers for many problems vexing the world today.

With so many sub-fields to choose from, the study of biotechnology gives the chance to do work which will benefit others while at the same time pursuing issues which may have always fascinated you. A biotechnology career offers many opportunities and insights into a world that has only recently begun to be thoroughly explored, and the potential to do groundbreaking and truly impacting work.

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